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    The JATC has several entry methods that provide a path for an applicant to either move directly to an interview or as a means of direct entry.  Please review the list below and let us know if you qualify for any of the methods.  JATC staff will provide you with further documentation you must submit for proof that you meet all requirements for applying under that entry method.  You will be have to meet all the requirements of the traditional entry method unless exempted in the method you have checked.

    The 4,000-hour method. This applies to individuals who can verify (by providing undisputable documenting evidence) that they have worked a minimum of four-thousand (4,000) hours specifically in the electrical construction industry.

    The 2,000-hour method.  This applies to individuals who can verify (by providing undisputable documenting evidence) that they have worked a minimum of two-thousand (2,000) hours specifically in the electrical construction industry.

    Organizing. If your contractor signs an agreement with the local union. This applies to an electrical construction employee of a non-signatory employer who does not qualify as a Journeyworker when the employer becomes signatory.

    If you are an individual who signs an authorization card during an organizing effort wherein thirty (30) percent or more of the employees have signed authorization cards, whether or not your employer becomes signatory and you are an employee of the non-signatory electrical contractor and you do not qualify as an IBEW Inside Journeyworker Wireman.

    Military. If you are an honorably discharged military veteran who completed military technical training school in a Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) applicable to the electrical construction industry (as determined by the JATC), and can document a minimum of two (2) years of military experience in that MOS.

    An honorably discharged military veteran will qualify for oral interview by the JATC (must apply within five (5) years from discharge date).

    Pre-apprenticeship. Individuals who can verify that they have completed a structured pre-apprenticeship training program meeting minimum requirements established by the NJATC and recognized by the JATC and sponsored by community outreach groups, or by the IBEW, NECA, or by the Local, State, Regional or National Building Trades programs, or by the JATC.

    Transfer of Apprenticeship: In order to transfer an apprenticeship agreement between two local IBEW/NECA JATCs having a registered inside apprenticeship program.

    Job Corps. Youth who completed a Jobs Corps training program in electrical construction, who obtain a qualifying score on the electrical industry's aptitude test developed and validated by the American Institutes for Research.

    For more information on these entry methods, please contact us.

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